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  • Item count and Total Count

    Hello, good week and morning to all, i was looking in the tutorials of 3dcart, the pdf's guides something about how to put the item count and the total of the shopping count in a specific table/div/span... etc.

    I would like to put the item count and the total of the price in the home so the user/client will know how many items and how much the transaction is.

    I found this on the chekout page: <strong>[shoppingcart_items]</strong> <strong>[shoppingcart_total]</strong>
    But i dont know if i have to add something to the code for this to work.
    Because in this case i only see in the result: "ITEMS" AND "TOTAL", not the item count or the total of the shop.

    Any clues? :-S

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    Check some of the default template frame files (frame.html )for examples. The code is surrounded by comments like:
    <!--START: shopping_cart-->
    <!--END: shopping_cart-->

    Note that the comments are critical in 3DCart, they signal the template system that you are using a particular section and to correctly swap out the variables like [CARTSUBTOTAL]

    In my site, the minicart uses the code below. It is very simplified and only shows a total dollar value, not a number of items, but should give you some ideas:

    <!--START: shopping_cart-->
    						<!--START: shopping_cart_full-->
    						<div class="shopping-cart">
    							<div style="width:19em"><h6>Current Shopping Cart</h6></div>
    							<img class="shopping-logos" alt="" src="assets/templates/[template]/images/credit-logos.gif">
    							<dl class="in-cart">
    								<!--<dt>.....</dt>
    								<dd>  0</dd>-->
    								<dt>Cart Subtotal....</dt>
    								<dd><div style="width:4em">[CARTSUBTOTAL]</div></dd>
    							<a class="view-link" href="view_cart.asp">View Cart</a>
    							<a class="checkout-link" href="checkout.asp?step=1">Checkout</a>
    						<!--END: shopping_cart_full-->
    						<!--END: shopping_cart-->