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  • Disable Hotlinking

    I have seen this elsewhere on sites but can't figure out how to make something work on mine. How do you disable hotlinking for images (Ebay in particular)? I am finding more and more of my images on ebay, directly hotlinking to my URL.

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    Although this doesn't disable it, people will be less willing to hotlink your images if you watermark them with your URL. If nothing else, turn those hotlinks into advertising for your site. :D


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      yeah, I do that already. Fun stuff.

      Just wish there was a way I could block the IP address of ebay from linking but still allowing users to visit my site (google adwords show up on Ebay)


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        not 100% foolproof but makes it a challenge for the thief. I implented something similar below. Added a nice watermark (w/o having to update each of my thousands of images) and the CSS trick "hid" the url link.


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          I think there is a way by modifying the htaccess file, but, that's way over my head.
          We had problems in the past and ended up replacing our images with advertisements for our site. :rolleyes: Some have remained for years! :D


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            There are a lot of scripts out there to block it through the htaccess file but not sure if we have access to it. Can't locate it in ftp. They look very simple to implement. Might ask support.

            Keep in mind your talking about ebayers mostly. The easy transparent overlay would probably stop a lot. If they can't right click and get it the may not even know to check to source.
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              You can't stop them by disabling right click. In Firefox there is an addon called Firebug. It allows you to see each line of code on the page and highlights what on the page the line of code is for. So for an image they know the url and can copy and paste it so it pulls the image anyway.

              Disabling right click doesn't work anymore.

              Try looking into Cloudflare. This might help you. There are a few threads in the forums about it.