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Help! I broke my "Multiple Ship To"

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  • Help! I broke my "Multiple Ship To"

    I dont know what I did, I was changing the wording for the two Multiple Ship To boxes under Store Language. Once choice was apparently too long and it goofed up my two boxes.

    I changed the words to something smaller but its still messed up. Can anyone tell me where/how to fix this? One box is now higher than the other.

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    I feel for your concern but these boxes were always as you see them.
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      They werent like that before I started messing with it. They were even. The "Send To" was in line with the word "Name", and the box was below "Send To".
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        What if you put a line break <br> after the Send To: words?

        In my Store Language area, my field called "multiple-send-to" just says "Send to:" and doesn't have any other markup language in there. Is that the field you're referring to?
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          Ah. Thanks Piaf, that fixed it. They are even again.

          Edit: Yes, "Send To", that was the field I was talking about