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Creating "More Information" links

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  • Creating "More Information" links

    Maybe I am missing it. I want to create information links, such as return, shipping information, FAQ sections and want the links to appear below the Categories. Right now, they either appear above the top of the site or in the footer. Maybe I am missing it but how do I create a second row of links below the category links?

    Edit: I can use drag and drop to get a "left banner" section to appear. I think that is what I want to use but can seem to get content to appear there. ???

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    I created additional navigation items on the left nav area below my categories, but I had to hard code them into my template. If there's a more automated way to do that, I'd love to hear it, but that was the only way I found to add informational links to the left nav.


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      Thanks Piaf. I'll give the hard code thing a try but will probably goof something up.


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        I just did this last week. I basically removed the links from the bottom of my template and modified the template to display those links on the left side below the categories. There is no easy way to do it. I tried support and they basically said it cant be done unless you do it manually so I spent the time modifying the template.