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Site Content Page - Hide Right Bar Possible?

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  • Site Content Page - Hide Right Bar Possible?

    I have a few pages I created on site content and they have large tables that I cant shorten. This forces the page to extend past the default 980 size by around 200 pixels.

    Is there a way to force the Right Bar to be removed on certain content pages?

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    I am pretty sure you can specify a different Frame Template to be used for each Site Content page. In which I believe you can copy the current (or Default Frame for site content) and modify the frame to be without the Right Bar. Then select the new saved frame in each Site Content Page. I am shootin in the dark so I would definitely be open to more suggestion due to a massive headache


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      Great thanks.. I had to call support to figure out how to get my new frame page in the drop down box. If you make a new frame page it has to be called Frame_1.html for it to be recognized as a template page.


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        Was yours the same issue that mine is? My right banner is way past where my banner is.