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coupon and gift certificate stacking

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  • coupon and gift certificate stacking

    Hi all,

    I am testing coupon/gift certificates, and have found that if I apply a gift certificate in view_cart, I cannot apply a coupon (or it removes the gift certificate). If I apply the coupon first, and then try to enter the gift certificate, it actually adds the gift certificate twice and removes the coupon.
    Anyone have any experience with this? I thought it was my custom page, but I tried with the default page and got the same behavior. Apologies if this has been posted before - nothing came up on search.

    Any thoughts?


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    There are tons of variables in the Marketing/Coupons section as I am sure you have noticed. But I have not seen this issue as of yet. When I get in my office today I will try to duplicate the issue and get you an answer since I am kind of interested in this for myself as well.