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What is the Advanced Search Add-on?

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  • What is the Advanced Search Add-on?

    We are really interested in learning more about the new Advanced Search AddOn. Outside of the marketing-type info in the 3dcart App Store I have not been able to find any real demonstration or description of it's functionality.

    I've tested and demo'd a lot of different advanced search features in the last year. Some are very complex, some are so basic as to be useless, some take you off your site to display your search results, etc.

    Is there a demo site, a user guide, or anything available to show me how this particular product works? Maybe too, there other users who can show me how they are using it on their site?

    Thanks, mimib
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    We are wondering the same exact thing here. No real specifics on what exactly it does. I've seen a few posts from Gil on this, but nothing concrete of exactly what type of search functionality it provides.

    Is it google like? Is it link farm like? Is it in between?


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      I think this is the advanced search that you guys are speaking about. We pay 60.00 for this service that is with a company called fusionbot. If you go to our website and type "pink" into our search (top right) after the page loads you will see on our left column that there are totals in () next to our categories. If you click on anyone on those links you will further narrow your search. Everything could be customized like fonts and such.

      On a side note, the fusionbot company was very easy to work with and their customer service was excellent.



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        Thanks, Sean. That is the search I was wondering about. Would you mind answering a couple of questions about how it works?

        Mainly, I'd like to know which product fields are available for the filtering part (on your site, you use size, brand, stock, etc. -- some of which are probably either "extra fields" or possibly "options")

        And, can the filtering list be displayed at the top of the search results list instead of replacing the left category navigation?

        Thanks -- mimib


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          The real question here is how does the 3dcart version compare to the actual solution offered by Fusionbot? If you look at their packages, the $60 package is the 'silver' package. Is this the exact same thing we would be receiving from 3dcart? Or is there more features? For example - pages indexed. The silver package only allowed 1,500 pages to be indexed. We have over that amount just in products right now.