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    We getting ready to go live on our 3dcart site (moving from zencart). Would love to have some feedback in regards to the site and what you think of the design, look, feel, and functionality.

    If you would like to compare to our current site:

    All comments good or bad are welcomed. And obviously the site is not completely done, but the overall design is.

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    You don't have any prices listed on your cartridge filters (I was looking to see if your prices were better than my current source). I like the design, but one thing that bugged me.... you don't have any links set up on your front page for your sub-cats that are listed in the main body of the home page. So yeah, your headings (Auto Pool Cleaners, Pumps, etc) are clickable, but save me some clicks and make those bullet points clickable too. :)


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      Yes, pricing is being finished now, and will be updated soon for all the products. One of the last things to be checked off.

      Also, the sub cats will be clickable as well. We are waiting on some categories to get finished and will have it done before launch.


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        Site looks great, clean and easy to navigate. I looked at your home page in the validator and it has 186 errors. Might want to run it through and see what can be correct for SEO purposes.