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  • Drop down navigation and drop down menus

    Does anyone know how I can add a drop down navigation menu to my website (template v32010)? I created a menu in Dreamweaver, but I can't figure out where to add the code for it to display correctly. Every time I add the code, it jumbles the menu links. I'm thinking it might be easier to edit the current code, but, being a newbie to HTML coding, I can't figure out how to fix the template to display correctly.

    I'm also trying to add drop down menus for "Shop by "Brand" and "Shop by Price" sections of my left banner. Does anyone know how to edit the template to do this?

    Here is my store domain:

    Let me know if you need any other information.


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    The store has defaults set up to "Browse By Price" and "Browse By Manufacturer". To make sure your store is set up for both, go to Settings > General > Store Settings. Scroll down the page till you get to the section called Main Store Settings. Make sure the Hide Browse By Manufacturer and the Hide Browse By Price checkboxes ARE NOT checked. Save your settings.

    Then go to Settings > General > Manufacturers to set up your "Manufacturers" (Brand). After that's done, go to Settings > Design > Price Groups to set up your price breaks for browsing purposes (0.00 - $9.99, $10.00 - $24.99, etc). That should get you going. :)


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      Drop Down Menu

      I was able to create the Shop By Brand and Shop By Price, but I still can't figure out how to set up a drop down menu. Does anyone have any ideas?