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  • Product Options Formatting

    Hi all

    I have a slight issue with the formatting/layout of the options feature within the products.

    On my product I am using the DropImage and Dropdown options for color and size respectively. However, they lineup differently and the dropdown options are not in line.

    If I change them to the same (both Dropdown for example) they are level.

    I've attached a picture to show what I mean, and added a border around them so you can seen that the Dropdown option (size) seems to add some spaces before the pulldown starts.

    Can anyone help or advise how I can fix this?

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    You will have to look at the html layout in the listing template you are using and check to see if the cell padding is different from the top dropdown to the bottom dropdown. If different, simply change the cell padding to be the same as the other and save. (Be sure to save the listing template before you change anything so you have a reference to revert to if the change does not work)