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    Has anyone found a way to generate generic text fields like the "extrafields" on product pages and then link them to extra pages? We have several pages which are mostly copy. The 3dCart extra pages are structured so that everything - layout and styling markup, image references, and actual content - all go directly into "content", which makes it very dangerous for anyone who doesn't understand the markup to edit the text content. Much better would be to write the markup and bring the text in as [..field1], [..field2], [..field47], etc.
    The database feed function can be used in a few cases, but it's really only applicable for some sort of list, because all the feeds have to in one block with the same styling, and can't be longer than 250 characters without generating sub-pages.
    This seems like such a basic content management function it's hard to believe it doesn't exist.

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    I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but here's what I do:

    1. In Field 1, enter "Click here to view color chart" . (We changed the label on Field 1 to "More Info")
    2. Hyperlink that to a Content page (Example: Color Charts)

    You can upload Fields which makes it pretty easy.

    The problem for us is that the Color Chart Image ends up pretty small. And, there is no zoom feature. You have to embed the image on the Content page. Would rather be able to set up a product page as "non-product" so that we could use a gallery. But, that's our workaround.
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      It's not quite was I was looking for, but it gives me an idea - it is possible to set up a product as "non-searchable" (info tab, options), which means it doesn't show up in searches or on the category page, and then use that "product" page really for anything. You might need a different listing_X template. You just have to manually link to the page the way you are currently linking to a content page.

      Also, you should be able to specify the size of the image(s) on the content page in the code.