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  • Template Editor - Frame?

    If you look at our site, in the lower left hand corner where the copyright, 3d cart and the shipping info went from being centered on the page to whacked out. Support told me it was in Settings > Design > Template Editor > Go to folder > select v32013 (hilited in yellow) and make my corrections in there. They are not allowed to assist or give any guidance per CS.

    I can do some stuff, this is beyond my scope trying to figure out what went wrong. It offers me a rollback to a previous version which was created before I came on the scene, not looking forward to doing a restore. Any ideas on how to correct this would be greatly appreciated?
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    I remember someone else having the same problem with that template. Not sure what the solution was, but it looks as though they fixed it. It was NancyC and here is the thread:

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but maybe someone from that discussion can help.


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      Holy Cow Barry, Thanks for finding this thread!

      I did a cut and paste today from right banner to left banner, after reading your link I checked my header-footer-banner set up and sure enough after the PayPal logo on the right banner this was left behind


      deleted it and all is good.

      Thanks again for your assistance and for knowing about NancyC issue.
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        Wow ... I didn't see that one coming !!! lol Glad to see that you got it figured out.