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Quick Edit bar Design conflict

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  • Quick Edit bar Design conflict

    I've been working on the site integrating something that used java. No matter how much I tweaked code (we're talking hours of testing/troubleshooting) I couldn't get it to work right in IE and I thought it was just one of those IE things until I hopped on a second system with the same browser and everything worked great.

    I had a hunch it was the QE-Bar and found an old thread about it. It turns out that the Quick Edit bar was conflicting with the java script I was trying to work on. Once I turned it off everything worked great.

    So my suggestion, if you have the QE-Bar on and you're having problems with some javascript in the design phase, would be to turn it off and re-test.

    Settings -> General -> Administrator Access -> Select the permissions for the user account you log in with and in the Design section clear the Admin Design Bar checkbox. Log off, close your browser, and then log in and re-test your script.

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    Great info, thanks for posting it!