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  • New Site NEED INPUT

    Well I have taken the 3dcart platform in a different direction to see if i can get it all to work. I would like to get some input. Let me know good and or bad. Preferably the bad first so I can remedy the issues.

    Keep in mind that it is still in the early stages, so I am well aware of any dead links.


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    The website looks like a good start. I am not too fond of the left menu bar, as there are TONS of categories. I am not sure how else you could do that, as each one is very targeted and does of great job of describing what is within it. Color and background look good. I love the script you are using for the Gas, Local Weather, Lunch Specials, etc. You mind if I ask where you got it?

    Also, in terms of getting ranked for your keywords, it is not a good idea to put up pages that say "coming soon." I know you said pages may be broken and links are dead, but if you plan on leaving it at coming soon for a long time, it is best to remove the page.

    One thing I'd change would be the middle part of the homepage. You have your big image, with 3 thumbnails next to it, but they are just a tad too big, as the last one gets cut off a bit and has to scroll. Maybe consider making those thumbs a little smaller, allowing them to all show.

    good job man


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      Nice. The weather and gas price thing is pretty cool.

      My only suggestion is to repeat the header links in the footer. Some people hate having to scroll back up to the top of a page to jump to the home page and other areas.
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        Looks great to me. Will be very interested to see this finished out (wheels are turning in my head for something similar for our town). :)


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          If you do take on this task, be prepared for a ton of rewrites. Changing the 3dcart platform to a directory seemed like a breeze in my head...... haha.. SEEMED!:o

          But the idea is to actually generate donations via percentage of profits for the local school music, arts, and (not so popular) sports programs.

          The slideshow thumbs do come out odd, but I will be speeding the transition a tad and adding 3-4 more slides.

          The button script was one I pulled off of dynamic drive a while ago that I always wanted to use.

          Also, I am well aware that the coming soon will populate as keys, but they will be populated with relevant content soon. Then I can just update the sitemap within 3d.


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            Mr GlowExpress

            Interesting that you would choose to use 3dcart as a directory site. Seems that many of the functions would be manual entry oppose to approve.

            Anyway you ask for insight so here you go. Being from Bakersfield we like to think of Tehachapi as a peaceful mountain town full of fresh air. Your site colors do not represent that at all. (More or a industrial heavy metal look if you will)

            The addition of city history, Gov offices and things to do, Calender of events, should be added to represent the area. Don't be greedy when it comes to these elements as the content put here within these pages may be the driving force that land people on your website.

            I have worked with many reciprocal link directory and article sites. I must say things sure do change fast now with wordpress and the like.

            You should try to utilize the email a friend on the cat pages and use it as a submit your business request form. As this form will send you the referring url (department) you can redo the form to gather the required info for your free text ad with a check box to contact and discuss add-ons. When redoing this form you can easily remove the friend email section and add your hidden email and so on.

            But anyway good for you and good luck!
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              looks nice an clean is that a custom theme/template or a stock one?


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                funny i have the same web designer working on my site right now.