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    Hi everyone.

    To be brief, I have my own website on my own server. Then I have my store with 3dCart on 3dCart servers.

    So what I would like to do is to display a mini cart on my own website that relates the items added in the 3dCart cart.
    It would look like on this website (look at the home page after you added a product to the cart and continued shopping) :

    I know there is a way to do it with Shopsite (my old shopping cart.)
    However 3dcart does not have this.
    99.9% of clients use the 3dCart engine to run their store, so this has never been necessary. 3dCart may adds this feature if enough clients request it.

    The solution, they gave me is :
    On the site, it would be a javascript which calls the script on the store to get the item details.
    On the store side, an ASP script would have to be devleoped to grab order information from the order table, and pass it on to the script on your site when called.
    The database can be found in /web/assets/db/shop.mdb

    Is someone also interested about it? If Yes, it would be interessant to share the development of this New functionality.;)