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  • Working on a copy of a page

    I have several changes I'd like to make to my home page, but they're interrelated and I would like to be able to test them before making the change permanent. I've thought of making a copy of the page with a different name, changing and testing it, then changing the names so it replaces the home page.

    Would that work? How can I do it? Is there an easier way?

    Yes, I'm new to this. My site, such as it is, is at I moved from another service before it was really ready. Thanks for any advice.

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    Is your site already live?

    if not you can do the changes and test it as the home.asp. On the admin you can always revert back to the previous version. Also it is a good idea to keep a copy of the original as well as progressive backups of the page.

    If the site is live, you may want to name it something other than home.asp; example testhome.asp and test it

    hope this helps.
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      That worked

      Thanks. I tried what you suggested and will use that method.