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enable canonical urls in v4

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  • enable canonical urls in v4

    i was looking at settings on a version 4 demo account and noticed the option to enable canonical urls. I checked the knowledgebase but couldn't find anything related to this. Can anyone from 3dcart shed some light on how this works and what it does?

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    Anyone have any idea about this? 3dcart staff? Bueller?


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      Here is the Google explanation of Canonical:
      Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Specify your canonical
      I think this was introduced with Ver 3.2 and for some reason now it is being offered as an optional feature.
      It would be nice to know the logic behind this change.


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        Yes, I was just thinking we already had this feature. So what's the difference between what we have now and what they're promoting in v4?


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          Hi all.

          Piaf & elightbox, you're absolutely correct. Canonical URL is something we added a while back. I don't quite recall if it was 3.2.0 or 3.2.1 but it was added back then.

          When we originally added the canonical function, it was behind the scenes and it used the standard HTML 4.01 Transitional Doctype - which pretty much everyone uses.

          However, we did have some merchants who were using a different Doctype on their customized sites... Basically, having the canonical function embedded like this caused some issues for them.

          So with V4, we made it a toggle feature that is enabled by default. If necessary, merchants can turn it off or on as needed. Again, since most people will generally use the transitional doctype, we leave it on by default.

          V4 stores can toggle the feature from the Settings =>General =>Store Modules section (it's all the way at the bottom)


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            Thanks for the explanation.

            Do we need to modify the Frame to take advantage of this?


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              Hi again,

              No need to edit the frame. It's added to the frame automatically as part of the meta tag scripting. Turning on canonical simply adds

              HTML Code:
              <link rel="canonical" href="">
              to the <head> section of your frame, while turning it off simply removes it.