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  • Image Resize Help Please

    I am not yet a Photoshop master, and I was also wondering if someone knows a program or how to do the following in Photoshop.

    I know when you make an image larger its going to blur some, but I am wanting to make our logo smaller and it look the same as it does now without blurring or distorting either by using a new program or Photoshop? I thank you in advance for any help you can give.

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    Gimp is free and as good as Photoshop.
    Very advanced great for self design work.

    Basic photo manipulation try google picasa
    Go Live Industries


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      I've never noticed any blurring or distortions downsizing with any of our photo programs unless you are really smashing it down.

      For just a quick resize of jpg or non transparent gifs I use MS office picture manager. If you have MS office you have it. It's very basic but great for a quick crop or resizing/compressing pics. You can also resize muliple pics in bulk to a percentage or XX # of pix on a side.
      For serious stuff I use Serif pro. Very cheap and as good as the photoshop I had before.

      I did a quick resize of yours 50% looked fine. What size do you want it?
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