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  • A new store... Need feedback


    We just went live (July 14th). We are new to this business and this is our first store - Welcome to Crimson Hut LLC -

    Please look at the site give us your feedback. Any feedback would be much appreciated.


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    The store doesn't look bad but you need to do a lot of work on keywords and descriptions. You need to name your pages also.
    Keywords should be separated by a comma and space. It allows you to group keywords. Made in USA is 3 words that mean nothing in a search. It should be Made in USA, with other keywords.

    stone, handmade, shop, jewelry, made in usa, kalamkari
    <META NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT=""> This is your home page. No description, your dead in the water. <META NAME="ABSTRACT" CONTENT=""> This is your home page. No description, your dead in the water.
    The group of keywords as it is typed is useless.

    <META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT=" tier black blue kalamkari batic tunic kurthi churidhar apparel women hut crimson store women india indian stone handmade shop jewelry made in usa">

    <meta name="Description" content="Apparel" > Needs to be a description <meta name="Keywords" content="Apparel" > Need to be more than one word.

    You need to search the forum on keyword and description usage.
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      Thanks for the valuable feedback. We are in the process of renaming our individual pages with custom title.
      Thanks for your feedback on keywords and description. We will correct it asap.


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        Looking good for a start! +1 on what Wizard said; however, I wouldn't sweat the keywords all that much since Google doesn't use the keywords meta for anything and it's doubtful that the other majors do either.

        Description Meta tags, unique to each page, are important to have in place. Make sure they are brief (around 225 characters or less, counting spaces), nail a few prime keyword phrases, and remain relevant to the page.

        On the visible page, make sure you get good text content in place that covers all of the relevant keyword phrases in a sensible fashion (don't spam keywords or write gobbledygook for the sake of search engines).

        If you want to stand out from competitors, ensure your individual product descriptions are unique and more than just a line or two. A lot of ecommerce sites just use default descriptions provided by suppliers (guilty of this myself at times) because it's easy and fast...but recent Google search algorithm updates have hurt those that choose the fast and easy. ;)

        Good luck!


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          It's a toss-up on Google with keywords. I think their paying more attention than they are saying because of all the abuse. Say you ignore it but use it anyway without saying it can cut down on some of the abuse.

          I get some pretty good traffic from mine when I check Google.

          As for the descriptions, I like to give them a nice structure even when i use mfg descriptions just for a nice clean look and for the bots. I use something like this. I can also add warning text and images to this if I have to for items with small parts.

          <h4>Surfing USA Full Dustruffle</h4>
          <p>Cool as the deep blue Pacific and wild as the pounding surf. Great surfing pattern for boys.</p>
          <li>14" drop</li>
          <li>100% Natural Cotton</li>
          <li>Machine washable</li>
          <li>Full bed skirt fits mattress 54" x 75".</li>
          <li><strong>Mfg.:</strong>&nbsp;Pem America</li>
          David's Gifts and Things

          Wholesale Gifts, Home Decorating, Jewelry and More

          Quality, Selection, Value Always

          The more you buy the more you save!


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            For reference on Google and the keyword META tag, straight from Matt Cutts. They don't really use the Description tag for SEO either, but it's key to get right for those times they use it in search results pages (relevant keywords get bolded and catch eyeballs). Sorry, SEO is one of my day jobs, lol. :D
            Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking

            On Google traffic, perhaps one of the best "free" ways to spur it on is to have a Google Merchant feed running constantly ( is also very useful). Of course, that method is getting increasingly difficult to implement given their recent changes to the requirements and 3DCart's lack of automation in this regard.

            At the same time, setting up an webmaster and analytics account with Google will help as well. Once you get all of your products ready to roll, get your xml sitemap submitted through the Google webmaster account.

            Even with all of those things in place, expect traffic to be slow for a few months. Bing/Yahoo seem to take quite a long time to pickup 3DCarts, but they'll eventually grab the site as well.

            If you want to speed things up, there's always AdWords...of course there's a cost involved with that once you burn up the free credits.


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              The nice thing about 3D is the sites are more readable than PS. In the couple of months I've had the store here I've seen my page rank go up 2 spots and a definite increase in traffic and orders.
              David's Gifts and Things

              Wholesale Gifts, Home Decorating, Jewelry and More

              Quality, Selection, Value Always

              The more you buy the more you save!


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                Site Critique

                First, to respond to the meta issue - Google is not the only search engine and they've lost ground. Fill in all your meta info. I don't care what Matt Cutts says. I am constantly found by my meta info. To succeed in being "found" based on meta info, be precise. Pick your battles. Choose specific, non-generic phrases and words.

                Now for the "look & feel" aspect:
                • Your banner area is too high. Ditch the flower, shorten the height to 120pz or less. Put something practical in its place like a phone number, shopping cart, BBB,...
                • Your name has crimson in it. Why not use that color throughout your site? The colors are too neutral. You need contrast, especially without the flower, which is overwhelming and distracting. Possibly set your background color to "crimson"?
                • Expand on your titles. That is critical. Black earrings tells me next to nothing. Black Onyx and Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings are more descriptive.
                • Descriptions - expand on them, even if it's repetitive, and use a list format. What's it's dimensions, composition?
                • Bots like lists.
                • Use proper heading tags. Set up the heading tag sizes and colors in your stylesheet.
                • Avoid using numbers to start titles unless it can't be avoided.
                • Your titles say earring. Are you selling them "each"? If not, use the plural.
                • Start each word in your title with a capital letter, except for prepositions and conjunctions.
                • Don't use the & sign in categories or titles. Your category Shawl & Wrap should be Shawls and Wraps. No &. Notice the plural. I'm assuming you have more than one of each. :D
                • Re-write your About Us. Make me want to trust you. Tell me about your expertise, not your family. What makes you passionate about your offerings? How long have you been doing this?
                • You need home page text. Bots don't read pictures. Make the text keyword-rich; link it whenever possible.

                That's all I have for now. Good luck with your business.


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                  Awesome info. Thanks

                  Hi all,

                  Thanks for your wonderful insights. As stated earlier, we have started to work on our keywords and descriptions. Then we will start renaming our pages appropriately.

                  Also we have google analytics enabled on our store and have done the following with Google.
                  * Verified the store with Google.
                  * submitted our sitemap to google.

                  Got lots of work to do. :(

                  Thanks once again.