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    We recently did a redesign of our site. It's still a work in progress and there are quite a few known issues. I was hoping we could get a little bit of feedback on the work we've done. Here is the website: 2011 Halloween Costumes

    Here are the known issues so far:

    - Flash isn't working properly for the front page, and isn't rotating images
    - Link for the contest on the front page isn't working (old design - we are no longer offering the contest this year)
    - Front page has a huge white gap in the middle. We have specific banners to put there.
    - Most of the images on the front page aren't clickable
    - Alignment is slightly off on the main page
    - We later had decided to make the logo smaller to get rid of some of the white space on the header bar. We didn't make that change yet.
    - The live chat isn't clickable and active.
    - Alignment on some of the inner category pages is off.
    - Still have a facebook 'like' issue that we'll probably open up a ticket with 3dcart on..
    - Some of the inner category images are missing
    - We just had the 'category filter' feature installed by 3dcart and it went live on the site 2 days ago. We haven't had a chance to actually touch it yet and really set it up.
    - We removed the sidebar on the product detail page. We haven't redesigned the page to take advantage of the extra space.
    - Sidebar isn't functioning the way we would like it to. It doesn't follow you as you dig deeper into the category structure. See this post:

    Any help you can provide would be great!

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    Well I am not the best webmaster on this forum, so this is just my thoughts. There is very little to not like on your site, and I piratically love the top banner/logo. These are the things if it where my site I would want to change though.

    1. Not crazy about the left navigation needs to be bordered in or something.

    2. Same issue with item page needs bordered in or something too much white space.

    3. I would put the Interact With Others closer to the add to cart button.

    I do know some of this you may be aware of, but just stated it anyway in case I was wrong. Like I said your site looks great easy 7.5 out of 10 these are just things I would do if it where my sight it does not mean I am right. Had these few things been fixed I would probably have gave your site 8.5 out of 10 as it looks really good! Hope this helps you out.