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MIDDLE codeblock template?

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  • MIDDLE codeblock template?

    I was hoping that the middle codeblock is generated dynamically like the categories etc, but I've not been able to find where it is coming from.

    Anyone know?

    Also, if unable to use the featured products are there any code blocks for new releases etc that generate themselves individually so I can take the output and style it as I would like?

    I want to do a three product wide jquery slider that allows users to look at three items and then click to a slide of three more. It's simple to do but I can't figure out if I can divide the auto generated content to make it work.

    Just curious if any more experienced 3d carters out there have considered/worked on something like this.

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    I was able to find the codeblock for MIDDLE under home.html.

    That had the code that individually generates the random products so I was able to take that and manipulate it.


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      You can go to Settings > Design > Titles & Content and then scroll down to edit the Home page. Once there, you can add content for the Upper Middle Area in the "Header" block. You can add content for the Lower Middle Area in the "Footer" block.