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    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to edit a product layout (actually create a new one) and am having trouble. I have several questions, so I will list the major ones below to try to knock them all out in this post rather than flooding the board.

    1. I am using the listing_0 file as my template and saving it as listing_3. I uploaded this file into the "Common" template directory, as well as the "default" directory, which is what my site theme is set to. Why can’t I access this file?
    2. My purpose in modifying this file is to edit the options field names. I want the option line to display the option name, availability and price (and maybe the part number). Where can I find these field names?
    3. What are my options for multiple options inventory update? Can I do it based on the item number just like I do my “regular” products? I need to control the stock level, price, cost, weight, etc of each option individually.

    Those are my major questions. I am sure I will have more as I get into it deeper. Thanks in advance! - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors

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    I am a beginner, too, but the short answer is that any customized listing_x.html file you make, you save into your layout folder, not into the common folder.

    that would make it show up wherever you are allowed to pick a product template (these look like style1, style2, etc). The names don't correlate exactly (confusing, imo, and something I think 3dcart could do lots better than they do) but you should be able to pick it, then apply, then go to the store site and see if you see you changes.

    HTH, like I said, I am a beginner at 3dcart, but I think I have that one figured out.

    re: field names, you simply reference them where you want them. This document:,7
    in the knowledgebase supplies you with the various field names (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc) that you would write in brackets (eg. [extra_field_1])... Then you can globally set the "text" (or more 3dcart-oriented "language") in the Settings>Design>Store Language screen of your admin.

    Re:#3, I have the same question. A client is wanting to display all products she makes, BUT then categorize any "on hand" products (ready-to-wear) with inventory for specific material/color and size... I haven't seen that yet and really, really don't want to resort to entering all products at that level (the same product 6 times for each size x each possible color... YIKES). I'd rather enter the product style, set up the product style's options (as option templates that I link to) and then have some way to set inventory amounts on those dynamically generated ids.

    Gonzalo? Are you out there? Is such a thing possible? I thought, in my random searching of the admin pages that I saw some dynamically generated product ids in ?? maybe Advanced tab? after setting up a test product with a size and color option template?

    Anyone? Info appreciated!
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