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New site! please give me some feedback

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  • New site! please give me some feedback

    We have recently created a new website that features video games from today all the way to the 80s. It is The Home of Current and Retro Video Games | GAMEXCHANGE Video Games. I would really appreciate some feedback or suggestions on the design. I know a lot of items still need covers and descriptions and some other things need minor tweaks, but for the most part a lot is done. Thanks!!!!!
    GAMEXCHANGE Video Games - The Home of Current and Retro Video Games

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    In general it looks good.

    Seems to be a pretty standard template with a few modifications but it comes together fairly well.

    I will make the following recommendations though:

    1) Make the "Cleaning Out Garages..." the same green as your navigation green. It's a little out of place when you already have a green on the page unless you were to use the other green in some way that is complementary.

    2) For your banners on the right, it's good to use the same font or only a couple on a single page. You have three different fonts for three different banners and it looks a little weird. Also, the yellow and green are sha-wowie... maybe bring them down a notch? The orange is nice.

    3) Change the font color on the XClusive club page to black (looks like some other pages are that way too -- like about us). There's hardly ever a time you should have a paragraph of colors text... just like animated gifs are so 1990.

    4) Your pages and not all the same width. When I go from Home to About Us the width of the site changes. Not sure what it is, but could be an image pushing the structure out of whack. The Gamers Guide page is really off because the middle graphic is oversized for the allotted space.

    One of the biggest things that separates a pro site from your cousin who "web designs" is consistency -- whether it be of navigation, sizing or whatever. If you get that right, the rest is just color and content.



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      Change your "Deal of the Day" graphic to "Deal of the Week". Since your deal of the day expires in 4 more days, I wouldn't call it a daily deal. :)


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        • Nix the neon green "cleaning out" text completely. You already have it in your banner.
        • The "orange" text is hard to read
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          Thanks for the feedback guys!!
          GAMEXCHANGE Video Games - The Home of Current and Retro Video Games