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    Put this site up a few months ago, getting a far amount of traffic. But sales are not the greatest. Wondering if there's anything that's scaring potential clients off. Appreciate any feedback (GOOD AND BAD). Thanks.

    The Groom
    The Groom Store - Gifts for your Bestman, Groomsmen, and men of your wedding party.
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    • Your banner area is TOO BIG! Re-size your logo to 120px or less. Re-do your free shipping and disclaimer into one image that is proportionate to the space and 1/2 the height of your logo or less. Your PRODUCTS should be showing "above the fold"/within immediate view.
    • Do you really need the Fast, safe and secure there? Why not by the SSL?
    • The RED sale banner is a sale killer! It is TOO BIG, overwhelming, distracting. Try working within your color scheme with a complementary color. Try #900 or #800
    • Your introductory opening text is weak. Cut the "fluff". Get to the point. Link text wherever possible.
    • Consider moving your SSL to the footer with your other logos. Why 2 GeoTrust?
    • You don't need the "1" in front of your phone number. Dialing "1" is understood. You might consider writing the area code as (866) with a space after it.
    • Hide the reviews until you have some for the majority of your products.
    • Don't underline. It looks like a link.
    • Nix the red bolded text everywhere on your site. Use proper heading tags and styles.
    • Rules of Engraving - Convert to a proper html list format
    • Return Policy - RA NUMBER? Shouldn't it be RMA?
    • Nix the 3DCart self-promotion in the footer.

    I'll stop here. Good luck!
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      Definitely agree on the sizing that the previous poster mentioned. For those folks who have their resolution set lower (ie 800x600, 1024x768) they are going to see next to no items only a black dude in a tux.

      Your overall header is a little out of skew. The free shipping logo seems to be doing it's own thing and there is not a whole of reason to show M-F 9-4 when this is an online store. You should have that on an about us page or the such.

      Text under the groom store is on the light side... should be darker.

      10% off banner is ridiculous -- Period.

      You don't need all the text under the GeoTrust button... it's redundant. Also, you don't need two GeoTrust images, one on each side. Keep the clickable one on the left and remove the other. On that topic, your logos at the bottom are unnecessary. Paypal, maybe, but the other two are useless.

      As the other poster mentioned, lose the "powered by 3DCart." You never want to give information to a potentional hacker that helps him/her.

      On resources page, the logo you have should be clickable.

      Your blog page has a bright blue color that does not match you theme. It should be the red color you have in your logo. Speaking of you logo, I'd suggest you remove the dude completely or make him a background image. You'll be able to fee up a lot more room and I think it will look cleaner. Also, the motto should never be as big as the logo itself. Fast, safe, and secure should be removed.

      Overall, it's not terrible but you could definitely tighten it up a little and have something decent.


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        Too big is the word of the day, for sure. I would change that as already suggested. Also, I personally think the bright white background is too harsh. Aesthetically I think it would be better to have a softer page color.

        In addition, there is something off about the way your category pages are displaying. If I click on Coffee Gifts, I get just a subcategory for mugs but no individual products. Other categories have just products with no subcategories, and still others have both products and subcategories. It is confusing. I would rearrange those so they are all more consistent.
        Laura Z
        Brass & Silver Traditions


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          Looking better!
          • You might consider changing the background color in the product "boxes" to white with a #ccc (gray) border.
          • Nix the Fast, Easy and Secure.
          • Move your opening text below the products. Users like pix. Bots like text. The text is weak. You can have some text above AND below the products. Try "Free Personalization for Most Products" above the products and more detailed text below "The Groom Store offers (name 3 or 4 top categories) ....... for the groom and his groomsmen that can be personalized (link text to details page of personalization)....We also offer..."
          • The word Store is still RED - should be #900 or look up the color designation in your styles.
          • See if you can line up the shipping message above the search box.
          • Move your store hours to your Contact Us page
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            Thanks everyone for the feedback. Appreciate any further comments.

            The Groom


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              Definitely looks better...

              You need to close up some of the white space in the header -- simply too much of it.

              Photoshoped what you have quick to give you a simple idea of how it could be. Note that I make the Groom Store larger as it should be and the dude smaller. It makes a big difference, for the better.

              Also, do feel like you need to use images for everything. Why do you need a picture of a truck for free shipping. We know it goes by a truck so it really does add any value -- remove it.

              If you don't want to emphasize the phone number that is fine... put something else there.

              Your top right navigation needs to be slimmed down. Again you don't need the image of the cart and often there is no value in knowing both the amount of items and the total. Industry standard seems to be the number of items in the cart... see,, etc. If you want to keep the image, you can get rid of the words shopping cart instead... or just shorten it to cart with no image which is even better.

              Look at the last attachment for a side-by-side... which one looks better to you when you look at it quickly and turn away? And, what do you remember most? (Should be the logo on mine -- which is practically invisible on yours)
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                White Space

                Agree - too much white space. Made some changes. And yea the logo on yours is much more prominent to who we are. I'm considering a rotating banner/Flash of some kind in the white space. Maybe rotate products.
                Maybe use it for a weekly sale ad. undecided at this point.

                I want to keep the phone number available, but not prominent. I moved it to the right side.

                The Groom


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                  if you aren't keeping the phone number prominent then put it elsewhere other than the header.

                  There is far too much white space in the header as mentioned before, and at my resolution (1900x1280) I cant read the phone number without squinting.

                  You also dont have an actual page title (not sure how you managed to get rid of it). You may want to consider a fixed with site as well, otherwise your items start to appear really odd sizes...

                  I have a few more nit picky things but those are the main ones
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                    Looks quite a bit better but I would still reduce the white space and I would make the "Groom Store" logo bigger still. You want that to stick in peoples mind and the way to do that is with a bigger font. You have plenty of space to do so.

                    Also, center the "10%" note on the page.. it's looks a little odd out in the middle of nowhere.