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Category shows in IE but not Firefox

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  • Category shows in IE but not Firefox

    So, I was setting up a wholesale category for just some info for the customer after they log in - so when I am logged in as a customer I see it in IE but when I check Firefox, it is not there. I have the category set with the proper customer group as well as the customer being set to the group price level being the wholesale level. I've gone bonkers trying to figure out why I do not see it in Firefox. I already have a Site Content page made up for my header links and footer links on Wholesale for the appication and such ... but wanted a Wholesale Category to be listed in my links at the left hand side navigation. My Firefox is up to date as far as their version goes. Any ideas why it would not be showing in Firefox? Thanks! :)

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    Did you try clearing the store cache? Go to Settings > General > Store Settings. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the button which says "Clear Cache". After doing that, check it again in Firefox to see if that cleared up the problem.