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    Is there a way to put content in the right bar that will only display on specific pages? A couple of examples:

    1: Have the mailing list block only display on the home page and no other page.

    2: Have the top sellers block only display on the category listing page.

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    If you go into Settings>Design>Titles and Content you will see a list of most of the sites.

    Find the one you want. Hit the edit button and at the top right there should be two checkboxes to hide the left and right sidebars.

    If you want to edit the sidebars on a custom page you added you will need to connect to your files using FTP (here's an article: ).

    Make a copy of the frame.html file.
    Rename it frame_1.html
    Delete the side bar coding in this new frame file.
    Pop the frame file into your template/v##### folder.
    Go to Settings>Design>Site Content
    Find the page you made and hit the "content" button.
    At the top will be "Frame Template". Use that drop down box to select your new frame_1.html file.

    Ta-da! done.

    another helpful link ( )
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      Exactly what I was looking for.

      Worked like a charm on the first try. Thanks.!
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