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  • Please test my new website

    Please check out my new online accessory boutique - Welcome to Lauren Mac - Accessorizing Your Life | Women's Fashion Jewelry - Necklaces - Bracelets - Earrings. I am a complete newbie to website design and ecommerce. I initially knew nothing about site design. I have learned a lot of valuable info from this forum over the last couple of months. Thank You!

    Your feedback and suggestions on my site design is appreciated.

    I have reported compatibility issues with explorer9 browser and the 3dzoom feature to support and their feedback continues to be "we are aware of this problem and have no solution"! I find this very disappointing after hours of loading products and now my potential customers will be frustrated that they can't zoom or see additional photos without hitting the refresh button several times. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to resolve. The 3dzoom feature works fine on other browsers.

    Thanks, Marsha

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    I like the look and feel of the site, good luck. Browsed using chrome


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      Very nice. I would suggest centering all of the images in your footer. Having them all on the one side makes the bottom of the page seem lopsided. You might play around with the placement of your newsletter signup. I don't think many people are likely to see it down where you have it.

      Good luck!
      Laura Z
      Brass & Silver Traditions


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        Laura, I agree about the newsletter signup. It came that way with my template and I am so new at this I can't figure out how to change it. I would like it to be like yours so I can put it in my side bar. I found the code but don't know how to reformat. Can you direct me on how to do that? Thank you so much for your feedback.