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HELP NEEDED: "Proceed to Checkout" button

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  • HELP NEEDED: "Proceed to Checkout" button

    I need to remove this option from my cart because I only accept Google Checkout and this option is taking my customers to a page that is essentially a dead end. I know I have to go to view_cart.html but I don't know where to find the "Proceed to Checkout" button so I can remove it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Helpful Hint

    Any time you have your template code open in a browser window, go to Edit > Find > key in the term you're looking for > click Next


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      celebra1 is correct in that usually cntrl+f is the easiest way to find stuff in a template.

      Actually, this is one of those instances that the template file doesn't have exactly what you are looking for. That is, since the wording "Proceed To Checkout" is controlled in the Store Language section, it will be shown as:
      name="Button7" in the template.

      I would comment it out as apposed to deleting the code. It would look like this after:

      <!--START REMOVE
      <td valign="top"><input type="button" onclick="window.location='checkout.asp?step=1'" value="[viewcart_checkout-button]" class="btn" onMouseOver="this.className='btn_over'" onMouseOut="this.className='btn'" id="Button7" name="Button7"></td>
      END REMOVE-->


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        Thanks you guys!