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Just finished, please give honest feedback

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  • Just finished, please give honest feedback

    Hi guys,

    I've just finished redoing the template based on template v40007 as well as twisting the category, product, checkout, cart pages. The rotating banner is place holder, but other than that please give me some honest feedback.
    I'm looking for design, look feedback. Also navigation flow and user friendly feedback. Thanks!

    14k Gold, Sterling Silver, Fashion Jewelry, Gemstone Rings, Gemstone Earrings, Gemstone Necklaces

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    I like the design. Very nice and navigates smoothly.

    Now for the objectives:
    • Need a 800 number to look like a profitable, respectable site with customer service.
    • contact page need to display your address.
    • Looks like you were struggling with a secondary color (burgundy and green) the green color that you chose doesn't work for me try "00ae00".
    • CHECKOUT PAGE when you hoover over the cart item product name. You current action text turns black try underline instead.
    • LISTING PAGE this will be the primary landing page from the shopping malls to your world. Problem, no security cert.

    CATEGORY PAGE - just for fun and uniqueness, and with your limited product offers I think that you could get away with it.
    change to: Shop by Display Rack
    Products (Total Items: 409)
    change to: Today's Fine Offerings (406 Total)

    Good Luck with your site,

    Rock On!
    Go Live Industries


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      Thanks alot for your feedback. The green you suggested turned out too bright for the site, so I use maroon instead. The website is fairly new, so I don't have 1 800 yet. That's next on the list.
      Also my 3dcart plan comes with free mcafee scanner and badge, but I don't know how to set it up, yet.


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        A Few Observations
        • The pale purple and white hurts my eyes.
        • You might want to slow down the slideshow one number -- 4?
        • Accept credit cards independent of PayPal. Many people do not like PayPal.
        • Home --> right column: LIFE TIME is one word in this case.
        • Try formatting the phone number as (###) ###-####
        • Add to cart text --> consider a color that shows up better, deeper color.
        • You might want to make your category list text a darker and a bit bigger, 12? 14?
        • Avoid & in titles and descriptions. Use "and"
        • There are punctuation and grammar errors. EX (About Us): 1st sentence, the last comma isn't needed; <br> after 1st paragraph; 2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence is redundant and can be removed. If you keep it, add an s onto the last word; Add a <br> after the 2nd paragraph; 3rd paragraph, last word should be "confidence".
        • Cloak and link your email address every place it's entered.
        • Blog - Change all the "April-born people" (every month) text by removing the "-born people". Next, change "Aquamarine is believed to keep the weaver.." to wearer.
        • RingCentral can provide an 800 number inexpensively. Check them out!

        Best of luck!


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          wow that is a detail feedback. Thanks alot! It looks like I have a list to do :-)