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Help!!! Can anyone recommend a freeleancer? And help me undo a mistake? :(

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  • Help!!! Can anyone recommend a freeleancer? And help me undo a mistake? :(

    When I signed up for 3DCart I did not realize how few people were familar with how to customize it. I have done a fair amount of customizing of my template myself, but know I am to the point that I need assistance.

    Because this is a new business, I have been putting all my time and resources into it and do not have the $100/hr to hire a 3d cart employee. I have have hired two different freelancers who claimed they could complete the customization, but turns out they ended up doing more damage than good and I had to revoke their access to the page. In an attempt to revert the page back to a previous stage I have somehow shifted the menu bar and page contents of the first page to the far right side of the screen with some of it out of view. Can anyone tell me how I can undo this?

    Can anyone refer to someone I can hire to complete the last changes to my site? The remaining changes include moving tables, adding a slideshow, formatting text, font style and size changes.

    I have a complete list for anyone who is interested. At the very least, if someone can direct me as to how I can get the content back to the center of the page.

    The site is located at Home

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    Okay. Removing all of the contents of the first page seemed solve the alignment, menu bar issue, so now I am just back to a blank page!


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      contact me at [email protected]


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        Have you tried using a different template? Do you keep backup original files before you edit anything via FTP?


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          Using a different template would not solve the issue of customization. I have tried other templates and they were even less appropriate. I have not being saving backup files other than text material and image because there have been no changes made via ftp, it has all been done manually through the 3dcart interface. I am not making major changes here, just tweaking an existing template.


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            Previous revisions

            Ahhhaaa. It appears that through the template editor I was able to locate the freelancers changes and revert back to previous versions of the store. Which enabled my to undo the mistakes they had made, and keep the few details they implemented correctly. The page has been restored! YEAY. For anyone else struggling with this this option is at the bottom of the page in the template editor, most of it was under frame.html.


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              Text Formatting using WYSIWYG

              If anyone can tell me how to work around this pathetic WYSIWYG editor I would be greatly appreciative. When I apply pre-formatted text it changes everything, but not consistently and when I use the WYSIWYG editor itself in the tiny little box you are given to work in (which can be enlarged one line at a time) Any changes I make in font style or size are or applied one word at a time even though I have selected large blocks of text. Sometimes I get lucky and it will change three words instead of one. Pretty tedious for a 3000 word page, not to mention it still inconsistently changes the spacing between text lines, even when I remove all formatting beforehand. HELP?!


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                I would suggest you download firebug plugin for firefox - it will let you see and edit your code (css in your case) in realtime. Most of your words are wrapped in separate <span> tags, that is why the formatting is going one word at a time. the line-height css applied to the class is what is causing the line overlapping. The fix is to wrap the entire section of text into a span (or div) tag and apply your formatting, change the line-height values or remove them entirely (I suggest the latter). I don't use the editor, but at least this tells you where it's going wrong. Good luck!
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                  Yeay. Thank you. That sounds helpful! I will give it a shot.


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                    Don't bother with FireBug. It has flaw in it that will limit your internet speed to half of what you have. Download Safari and turn on the developer tools.
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                      Thank you. Both Developer tools and firebug turned out to be invaluable. I was able to make changes and corrections I had been trying to accomplish for weeks. There are only a few small tweaks to work out now. Thank you.