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Moving options (pricing) block to left of pages

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  • Moving options (pricing) block to left of pages

    Hi 3Dcart members,

    I'm looking to provide an "Options" pricing block on the left side of my product samples. Currently my options block is placed below the product sample, and it appears too discreet. I love what New Mexico Tea Company has done (link below) and would really love to set my product pages up similiarly. I then want the region below my image available for customers to upload their pet photos (a separate option template).

    I would so appreciate any and all of your help an thanking you in advance.

    New Mexico Tea Company link: Blood Orange Rooibos
    My website: The Uncommon Pet

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    Forgive me if this seems too fundamental, but I noticed you're a newbie, so maybe you weren't aware of this... you can achieve different layouts on your listing pages by appling different listing styles to your products (on the advanced tab). It's quite possible that simply choosing a different listing style will get you closer to the layout you want.

    If you need to refine it further, you'll have to edit the listing template itself. Figure out which listing style you liked best, then go to the template editor and find that template. (FYI: Just to keep you on your toes, 3dCart names the listing templates differently than the styles -- "Style 1" is "listing_0.html".) If you're not comfortable with editing html and figuring out the best/safest procedures for doing so in 3dCart, then you might need to hire a designer or 3dCart staff to help.

    Hope that points you in the right direction. --mimi
    The Watch Prince


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      Hi Mimi,
      Thank you so very much! Yes, I am, regrettably, a newbie. Last night I contacted 3dcart about this and another issue - and they suggested the same thing.

      I took a peak at your site, and LOVE your product page set up!

      Thanks for providing the actual files to further customize. Now I'm off to take a peak at your site :)