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SUGGESTION: consistency in tag construction

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  • SUGGESTION: consistency in tag construction

    You know what is most confusing about 3dcart design? It's that there's no real consistency in how tags are written and no clear guide to required elements...

    1) some require brackets, some -- like CATEGORY -- don't

    2) some are upper case, some aren't... I can live with that IF it's consistent - if, for example, only START: and END: comments were uppercase. But that's not the case and there's no real logic to when something should be uppercase and when it shouldn't be.

    3) sometimes an underscore is required... sometimes not. For example, <!--START: FRAME_SEARCH--> has the underscore... <!--START: RIGHT BAR--> does not. WHY?

    Finally, the tag reference is nice, but the explanatory text sucks - it all runs together and needs better formatting. Additionally, there should be text stating whether a specific var or tag is REQUIRED to be within any other tags OR that it can only be used on a certain file type (frame, category or listing, etc).

    Just suggestions, but as a long-time beta tester for such companies as Macromedia and Adobe... I'd say as a user, these things make the learning curve for 3dcart design extremely steep.

    I know (GonzaloGil) that you guys are trying to provide more in the knowledgebase... that's great. I hope these suggestions influence what gets added... and what gets thought about with the next revision of the software. I also realize that things have to be backwards compatible to a point... but perhaps both <!--START: RIGHT BAR--> and <!--START: RIGHT_BAR--> should be made recognizable (in the logic)...

    my 2.
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    Thanks for your suggestion, we'll look into updating the documentation to be more specific, as well as add compatibility for the different tag names.
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
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