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Does anyone know how to move 'New Releses' or 'Best Sellers'...

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  • Does anyone know how to move 'New Releses' or 'Best Sellers'...

    I am trying to see if I can move 'New Releases' and/or 'Best Sellers' to the right side of my home page instead of on my left nav. I tried to cut the code and just move it to a table I have on the right side. I tried on both the frame.html or home.html but no matter what I did with the code, blocks, whatever... nothing seemed to work. I took off what I tried and put back on what I had before, so it doesn't look bad but if you would take a look for me, I can change it back or take screen shots or send code. Any help would be so much appreciated. Right now I have a 'Best Sellers' menu on the right side of my home page but I hard coded it in a long time ago and I want it now to be dynamic. It's a pain to change all the time.

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    There are actually a lot of commented tags involved with the "Top Sellers" block which are needed especially to make it dynamic. Do you have a block that was not hard coded (e.g. <!--START: FRAME_MAILLIST--><!--END: FRAME_MAILLIST--> )

    These are probably the tags you are missing below for your "Best Sellers" There quite a few commented tags in the top sellers section, but these are the primary tags at the absolute top and bottom.

    HTML Code:
    You will never go in to the home.html to modify the left or right columns. It will be in your frame.html template only. I will send you a pm with what the code should look like for the top seller section within a column.
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