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How to get rid of automatically inserted table tags?

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  • How to get rid of automatically inserted table tags?

    I am trying to reduce the ridiculous amount of nested tables. I am still working on the home page at this point but can't get past this certain point.

    When showing 'featured products' 3dcart automatically inserts either:

    <tr align="center" valign="top">
    <td width="33%">

    In place of:


    And then closes these the same way.

    If I take out the tables altogether it inserts the same coding but as a <DIV> tag.

    Has anyone figured out how to stop 3dcart from inserting these? Without being able to get rid of these tags there is no way to completely control the page.

    Why would 3dcart do this? It makes no intelligent sense to have the system insert these tags. they should be on the templates to be changed if needed.

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    I figured it out. Adding the following to your .css will keep these inserted tags from totally messing up the layout.

    * {
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0;

    Of course it would be better if 3dcart would remove these inserted tags altogether or at least put them on the template so they can be edited.

    Hope this work around helps everyone else.


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      The style of tags that you are referencing also include the "Primary" tags like this <!--START: FRAME_MAILLIST--><!--END: FRAME_MAILLIST-->.

      These are the tags that are referenced and called upon for things like "Drag N Drop" and using the design bar to Hide/Show. So they are needed for the Easy Design aspect of 3dcart.

      The reason there may have been troubles with replacing the tags with any code is because the tags are commented "<!--dhgfkhad-->" out so that they are for reference points. If you replace that with active code it will through everything off. You can go just beyond the tags and use the initial <tr> or <td> which is normally the direct beginning of that block.
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        If these tags (<!--START: CATEGORY_ITEMS--> <!--START: ITEM_TEMPLATE_0-->) are removed the products will not show.

        Adding css commands to the <tr> and <td> tags before or after have NO effect on these automatically inserted commands. In fact the css calls are non-existent. They are not in any css file! The inserted html commands would be much better if they had NO css declarations in them or if they were actually part of the template so we as users can actually make the needed changes to make the site look right and so we can actually add the css information to the .css file!

        Again, my solution above negates these automatically inserted commands and the declarations so that the elements can be moved as they should be.

        The so called easy edit drag and drop garbage is a joke. It adds way to much excess coding which slows down page loads and that negatively affects SEO and Google hates long page load times and nested tables. Anyone using this 'tool' is not helping themselves but hindering their potential.

        Also, if these tags were inserted only if someone used the horrendous nested table templates that would be fine. But when these tags are inserted on a totally css template it is just plain stupid. 3dcart has not one single css template and it seems they never intend to have one as it has been talked about for many, many years and still they have not come up with one. So they should get rid of the inserted tags if someone is using a css template.

        If you are correct that they are there to 'help' with the drag and drop editing then these tags do NOT need to be inserted on a css template because 3dcart has none! And again they should be on the template NOT inserted so they cannot be edited.

        There is no reason they can't put them on the templates rather than inserting them automatically. 3dcart should know that to provide the best cart they need to make the templating process so that the owner of the store can make sure their site validate 100%. With 3dcart arbitrarily inserting code where ever they want even when it is horribly written they are not helping their customers but hindering them.

        I did not want to get into this with anyone. I was needing a solution to this stupid insertion of code that does not need to be there. I have said my piece on this and won't say any more. I have found a solution that will make the page look as it should. I have been with 3dcart for years now and am happy with the service overall. It is just small things like this that are very disappointing.

        BTW, your new site looks nice. I saw your thread asking for opinions. I think you should focus on some css templates as was stated by others. The web is very quickly moving away from nested tables and as with most things Google is behind the major push on this. If 3dcart is going to survive it needs to get with the program and companies like yours would do well to be on the leading edge don't you think? Store owners are always wanting to improve their business and if the next push is to css web sites then they will get there as fast as they can and if a company like yours sells the current trends then that company will benefit from this.

        If someone had a true css template I would be interested in buying it. The cost would out weigh the amount of time it takes me to bungle together a working template. But I would not spend one penny on an html template and you could not pay me enough to take a nested table template.

        Hope this gives you something to think about.


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          LOL, I know all to well about what you are venting on. If you notice, I did not say that it "Helps" anywhere. But you have to remember that until there is a full documented css template to lead people in the design "how to", these are tags that will remain as a selling point within 3dcart.

          I know very well that to some people including myself sometimes have a hard time making sense of the decision of the tags within 3dcart, BUT and it is a very big but, there are a lot of people (Non coders that absolutely know all they want is a store and to not do any coding at all) find some aspects that help.

          So in the transition to full css templates (which I have been working on for quite some time) there must be strong and valid documentation to offer support. Until I have the documentation done I will not a full css template.

          And yes, I absolutely agree that 3dcart should have jumped on the full css stuff right away. Especially after IE9 started supporting more css.

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            Working with their templates takes a lot of trial and error, but I have been able to figure out most things. Basically tags like
            <!--START: CATEGORY_ITEMS-->
            <!--START: ITEM_TEMPLATE_0-->
            are signals to their template system that they need to bring in information from the database, and usually it involves a loop so that the number of products is customizable and determined at load time. This is why you can't edit the raw code exactly as it is, because what the raw code ends up being will depend on factors at load time.

            The looping will attempt to work intelligently. It generally expects that you will be working with tables, but it works pretty well with <divs> as well.

            Here is the code from my home page:

            <!--START: CATEGORY_ITEMS-->
            <!--START: ITEM_TEMPLATE_0-->
            		<div class="home_thumb_holder">
            			<img src="assets/images/products/[id].jpg" class="home_thumb" alt="[name]">
            		<div class="center">
            		<a href="product.asp?itemid=[catalogid]" class="product-link">[name]<br>
            			<!--START: ITEMPRICE-->
            			<!--END: ITEMPRICE-->
            <!--END: ITEM_TEMPLATE_0-->
            <!--END: CATEGORY_ITEMS-->
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            I think the results are pretty good, and the code is nice and clean.


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              Thanks CBSteven,

              I have liked your site since you first got it going.

              BTW, the <div> 'class' that 3dcart adds automatically has no css behind it and if I try to add it to my css it is ignored!

              This brings me back to why have this 'class' command in the tag in the first place? It is bad coding and should be removed or put in the template. I fail to see why it cannot be part of the template.

              Do you get a coding error on this when you validate?

              Thanks for your work around. I may give that a try.


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                Originally posted by 3dcartdesigns View Post
                LOL, I know all to well about what you are venting on. If you notice, I did not say that it "Helps" anywhere. But you have to remember that until there is a full documented css template to lead people in the design "how to", these are tags that will remain as a selling point within 3dcart.
                Are you kidding? Full documentation?!?!? They can't even get the internal links to help files going where they are supposed to! Just try and click on any of the help links on your admin side. Nothing works. The knowledge base is a joke. I have tried searching for some of the simplest things and it can't bring up articles that have anything to do with my search!

                I am trying to find the files for the mCommerce and the help links go to 404 error pages! It seems no matter what help links I click on from the admin side they all go to these error pages.

                So full documentation and an actual css template is never going to happen. They are too busy breaking things!!!! :)

                If you wait for 3dcart you might not be able to lift your arm from the grave to make the css templates!!

                Supposedly they have expensive css templates that are css but from others posts who have actually bought them they don't work and it takes months to get 3dcart to fix them so they do work.

                This is a golden opportunity for you to make the css templates and documentation on your own. Who knows if you do this you may be able to sell them to 3dcart and make some money every time they sell one. Just a thought.