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  • a way to store text to display

    If you cannot use the category and sub-categories dynamically (because, like Gonzalo Gil suggested, there's no way to mark a section "selected" visually and because the sub-cats cannot display outside of specific START: AND END: tags structures) then...

    1) is there any way to "get" the text from the "category description" field (in each category's product>category>options) to display? Or ANY field in that category? I'm already using the category_header and category_footer fields.

    2) or, is there any way to create and then call a field of text that is associated with a specific category? (like a custom field or extra field) at the category level?

    I ask because I'd like to show the category description text in places like the title attribute of a link that I've manually put into a sub-menu...


    I mean, I'm practically unable to use any of the various fields because I want a design that A) doesn't fit a tabled layout and B) needs more/better flexibility than the paradigm that 3dcart "thought up"

    frankly, I am SO surprised that the answer for making a button look selected isn't possible for a category menu.. that's like design 101 for the past 12-15 years! So, I'm stuck with making static menus in separate category_x files and setting an id=selected to call a style that sets my static menu (that references the cat ids). YIKES! :eek:

    Is that the case for every bit of information other than product stuff? (which, I certainly hope) will not present the same issues!

    help appreciated! tia!