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  • Display Option Name?

    When I create an option set for an item, I name the set. Is there a way to alter my listing template to display that option name rather than the [product_optionheader]?

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    Sorry for the hack, but I'm trying to do this or something similar as well and maybe the info gathered will help us both.

    I have the one-time fee options selected, but it is not that appealing on the eyes the way it displays.

    Options Main Header
    Option name
    (drop down: option name)
    (when drop down clicked: option description)

    Showing the option name twice as a title and then in the drop down box before clicked seems pretty redundant.

    I've tried looking in the listing template related and I see the drop down but when I modify the title nothing changes.

    I've confirmed I'm on the correct listing template by making other changes.

    Does anyone know how to remove or change the title to the one-time fee option?


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      I figured out my question, here's the solution if anyone ever needs this:

      Go into Settings / General / Store Settings.
      Look under Product Settings, place a check mark for "check the Hide Options Title".

      Save Changes and you'll be good to go. Making the drop down options boxes much cleaner.