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Styles not loading from linked stylesheet?

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  • Styles not loading from linked stylesheet?

    I have been having trouble with some styling not being loaded during an initial page load. This is only apparent on the first page load. If you refresh/reload the page or navigate to another page on our site the problem fixes itself and the styling loads correctly.

    Has anyone else had a problem with this? I did some searching in the forum and couldn't find any references. Moving the affected styling to the header section does fix the problem, but is that really a fix?



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    Is it happening in all browsers?
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      You have a lot of stylesheets!
      • I have read that using more than 3 stylesheets will slow page load times
      • You might consider consolidating them.
      • You might consider changing their order. At present your "main" stylesheets are listed under your custom ones. They are read in the order presented in yor header. Since bots read top to bottom, left to right, shaving off a ms might help.
      • You may want to look for conflicts within your styles too.