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this would be a BIG improvement...

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  • this would be a BIG improvement...

    one BIG improvement would be to simply allow category_x.html files (templates) to use a "real" name - perhaps some place at the top of the file that allows you to put a name into it...

    why? well, it would be a HUGE improvement if the menu for choosing a category_x template actually used a NAME that was recognizable rather than category_0 "really" being style 1, category_1 "really" being style2, etc

    I hate to keep complaining, but what person thought that would be a simple interface to use? how hard would it be for ya'll to modify the array and either +1 to each so that category_1 IS "template" 1 (boo on the use of the word "style" for too many things!)

    better yet, add a new tag block that lets you put:


    then let the menu "read" the array of template_names and populate the menu with those values.

    Making for a user-friendly interface. Little things like that could eliminate extra (unnecessary) annoyance on top of the learning curve!


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    Good call. I noticed the exact same thing & totally agree. Not only is it confusing when coding/modifying the templates, but how is a regular user supposed to know which template/style is what? The current setup allows no simple way to communicate or even remember what's what.