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Editing text during checkout

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  • Editing text during checkout

    Last year i edited and added some text to my multi page checkout however wheni looked at all of the .html files it all says changed (never) i want to edit them again. I have since changed to a new template v40001 but im stumped why the text edits ive made are not in any of the .html pages

    Can someone please steer me in the right direction. I just changed to single page checkout and its the same thing says changed never even thoug there is some text there at the top that i edited before.

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    When you upgrade to a new template, it overwrites all files. You need to make all you changes again to each template file.

    Do you have back ups of changes?

    See if your edited files are available under the previous version, perhaps via FTP? (not sure if they will still be there)
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      As long as you keep the previous modified templates in the "Installed" section under "themes and styles" the changes are suppose to remain with that installed template. If you remove it from the "installed" list however you will loose all your changes to other templates in that list. Always a good idea regardless to back it up locally.
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