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Only Features Items in Middle Column? What Else?

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  • Only Features Items in Middle Column? What Else?

    Want to show more products in front page middle column. The default template has only "Feature Items". What to know if there is possible to add "New Items" and "Special Discount Items" in the mid column on the front page? I have check around all the templates. They all shown Feature Items in the mid column but I think it is too boring for only showing one type of product in the big middle section. So, I'm seeking for a solution to add more items there from different section. thanks

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    Anyone knows? Or this is not possible thanks


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      Try copying the code blocks to your home page from frame.html and see if it will work, if you are not a programmer or do not no much about coding I suggest hiring someone, if you are familiar please make a backup of your files first.

      Code Blocks:
      For Top Seller <!--START: topsellers--> ... <!--END: topsellers-->
      NewRelease <!--START: newreleases--> ... <!--END: newreleases-->

      This is trial and error as not all variables are available on every page, see the reference guide: 3dCart Template Reference Guide
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        thanks will try it. Thanks soooooo much