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  • Second Level Subcategories in Left Nav

    Hi All,

    Just finished chatting with support and the only answer he could give me was "this is beyond the range of tech support" so I thought I would ask here. Has anyone figured out how to create a submenu under a subcategory on the left nav -without hard coding? So -- Mens > Shirts > T-Shirts? Right now, if you do something like this, you can click Mens and it will release the next level of navigation - Shirts, underneath. But when you click Shirts it doesn't go to the next level.
    This is what we have:
    <ul id="navlist">
    <li><a href="../view_category.asp?cat=CATID">CATEGORY</a></li>
    <ul id="subnavlist">
    <li><a href="../view_category.asp?cat=CATID">CATEGORY</a></li>
    <!--END: CATEGORIES-->

    How do you modify it to add in the next subcategory?


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    Did you ever figure this out?


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      I'm also interested in this. Did anyone figure this out yet? I've seen that it can be done on a different shopping cartento


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        Cant believe 3dCart hasnt responded or helped. After all they do advertise that they support unlimited sub categories -

        "Browse by Category, Manufacturer, and Price
        3DCart supports an unlimited level of categories and sub-categories. "

        See if your getting what you paid for > Storefront Design | Shopping Cart Features
        - Peace


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          user001 - yes they support unlimited categories and subcategories. You can set the up all day long. The problem is they won't show in the navigation! I was told by support it can't be done through any available template. If we want it, we have to pay to put a ticket in and have them do it.

          So, no, it is really isn't supported, unless you want to pay. You get one category level and one subcategory level. That's it.


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            The closest to displaying all of the categories in the left sidebar i have been able to do is showing each individual subcategory of whatever you are currently on.

            for example, if you visit category 1, the subcategories, no matter how many or how few, of category 1 will display as links. When one of those subcategories is chosen, the bar will then load the next level of subcategories until you hit the bottom. is this what you are looking to do?