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    I would like to get some opinions on what you believe it SHOULD ( cost for a custom template design.

    Since I started 3dcart Designs I haven't been completely on board with my own pricing of custom templates. And before I get more in depth with upcoming templates I would like to hear what the community thinks.

    I get a lot of enjoyment out of being able to help everybody I can within the forum and now I need your input. And that input from the 3dcart community will be used to set new pricing for templates.

    Now, if you have read this far and your thinking anything regarding full CSS templates... I understand and it is in the works. I am hoping to have a full and stable CSS template by mid summer with documentation to support it. Even if you want a full CSS template you can still give a pricing opinion for html/css templates. Alot of people do, have, and will continue to use html/css templates so please refrain from the (I would never buy an html/css template comments).

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    I had not looked at your site prior to purchasing a premium template from 3DC. We actually got a discount on the template due to signing up for a year. If I had looked at your site may have purchased on of yours.

    IMHO cost should be based on the market. In this case you are competing with 3DC and what you can offer is better documentation, support, etc. that 3DC will not necessarily provide with their standard support.

    At the end of the day we would have been willing to pay the $200 for a premium template even if we had to pay full price. If the template was more full featured in terms of more different design pages such as frame, product, extra pages, gallery (not product), etc. and included drop down navigation we would have paid even more. Not sure how much but probably as high as $300-400.

    As it stands we are looking for a gallery to host non-product specific images on a extra content page so will be looking at what you have to offer. I know I can find other galleries out there for less but the fact yours will definitely work on 3DC offers some piece of mind.


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      Hi. That's a good idea to ask us :)

      We come from the Yahoo platform and there is one additional way to provide a service: implementing feature requests (those that are on hold, delayed, etc.)

      For example, we have a critical need for restricting the size of text fields on a product level basis. Could you make a modification to help us? It appears that the request is over a year old and we need it now, not next year. And, from what I've read, I think there are others who would buy it.

      And, like Mueller, I'd pay for a gallery at the Contents level, extra Page (not product). That's not a full template but if you can go in and modify someone's existing template - that's great.

      On the Yahoo platform, there are several individuals who provide this service and they do make money (and happy customers). Please PM me if you're interested and we can discuss pricing.
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        I tend to agree with mueller - between $200-$400 is likely the sweet spot depending on what you offer with the template. For instance, will the product and category templates have multiple display options like the 3d ones do? It may be wise to start at a base price and then as you add options and customizations, the price goes up.

        I can't wait to see your CSS-based templates. Those are worth their weight in gold, IMHO.
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          Originally posted by tclifesafety View Post
          I can't wait to see your CSS-based templates. Those are worth their weight in gold, IMHO.
          Couldn't agree more!