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  • odd searching rule

    I just started with 3dcart recently. I found that in the search box, if I typed two keywords: "Nikon" and "D5000", I supposed to get the search result with pages contains both "Nikon" AND "D5000". But the searching logic seems "OR", but not "AND". The results was given is tons of the pages contains "Nikon" OR "D5000". It is pretty odd comparing with other shopping cart software.
    I wonder if anyone here had the same issue? I appreciate if you could give me solution or suggestion for it. Thanks.

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    On the front end, our search box uses And, not Or
    On the back end, it looks for exact match.


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      How does it happen with your front-end? What is the search configurations at "store settings"? Or do you use any third-party search engine?



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        We are not using any 3rd party search. We have Quick Search activated (not hidden) and I don't know if that matters. We do not search in description or extra fields.

        If you enter "blue widget" in the search box, only widgets that are blue come up in the results. I also tested widget blue, and you get the same results. No yellow widgets, nor blue anything come up in the results. A true Boolean "and" search.
        Hope this helped.