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Waiting List button on Quick View page

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  • Waiting List button on Quick View page

    When an item is out of stock, the add to cart button on the item page turns into the waiting list button however, this does not happen on the quick view page or the category page. An out of stock item will still show the add to cart button.

    Is there anyway to change this so an out of stock item will not show the add to cart button?

    I want people to be able to get on the waiting list as easy as possible, which would be the category or quick view page.

    What would be ideal is a check box on out of stock items on the category page and clicking on "waiting list" button would add all checked items to their list.

    Edit to add, I'd even pay someone if they could create the code for the above mentioned idea for me...

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    I would also like to know how to do this, any help would be appreciated!


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      rburton34 - I sent you an email regarding this issue.
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        Anyone figured out how to remove the add to cart button on the category level and quick view, when an item is out of stock and waiting list enabled?


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          Bump. Looking for a solution to this also.


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            I just put in a feature request for this. It's annoying.


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              Yes we too would also love the waiting list button!!


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                3dcart's developers are looking into this, and I will circle back soon with more information when it becomes available.
                In the meantime, if you need anything, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-828-6650.
                Bryan Shaw
                Community Manager at 3dcart
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                  If anyone has a solution to this, please get in touch! I'm about to abandon 3dcart after over two years of waiting for fundamental and critical changes that never happen.