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  • Need some BAD opinions...

    Before I start marketing like crazy and get the site out to both my retailers and retail clients, I just wanted some input on what you guys think of this layout? myPiips - Wheres your Piips? Its my 3rd site with 3dcart, but Ive been jumping from knives to fashion and now something more on the touchy gift side. Any bad opinion is appreciated because those are the ones I need hammered out. Thanks in advance!

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    Nice site. The image upload feature worked easily.
    - the image "whatarepiipsdef.jpg" in the FAQ "what are Piips" has a typo. "from from" in the top left box.
    - I think in the FAQ you should have an image next to a ruler, or hanging from a rear view mirror to show their size, because they look bigger than actual size. I know the size is in the description, however many customers do not read.
    -description says "One Bodii and one iiMage in the package." What is iimage??
    Is the customer supposed to apply the image to the doll? or do you do that??
    - what is the production time?

    Just trying to anticipate customer issues!


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      Thanks for the great feedback

      Those are some great feedback! The sizing is one of the issue I didn't think about. Luckily you pointed out the iiMage and bodii because those were the original terms we were going to use to market, if I didn't take them off, people would be like, "what am I buying." Again, your feedback is greatly appreciated, it helped a lot. Thanks...