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  • Tracking a Package

    Just thought some of you may find this useful.

    The built in tracking for a shipment is somewhat limited due to not being able to track DHL shipments and the how the screen displays the shipment progress.

    I implemented this code instead. It autodetects the tracking number and will track a whole slew of carriers. It will redirect the customer to a new website but you can add that into a new window to keep your site open. Now the customer can click on the link and it will show a very detailed status of their package - even showing a map of the route.

    Universal Package Tracking Service @ Packagetrackr

    edit the order-history-view.html file

    Look for this code
    PHP Code:
    <a href="shiptracking.asp?trackingnumber=[trackingcode]" target="new">[trackingcode]</a
    change it to this code
    PHP Code:
    <a href="[trackingcode]" target="new">[trackingcode]</a

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    In other words,
    I use Shipworks and USPS, after I ship, Shipworks sends the tracking number back the my site for the customer to see, which only gives them an error.

    Are you saying this code will "fix" that?


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      It works : )

      I've never been able to get the usps linked up to my site, so when my customers get their shipping confirmation email the tracking code always sent them back to my shop where it end up saying "no tracking info found..."

      Meanwhile, if they had just gone to and entered their tracking code it would have given them the real updated status.

      This fix WORKS! Thank you! It's been a pet peeve of mine for ages now, and I also changed the exact same line in the html section of the order shipped email. There's even a spiffy little map showing where their package is.

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