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Product price not showing on home page

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  • Product price not showing on home page

    I would really appreciate some help here.

    I have chosen a template which I will modify but it has an issue.
    The product price do not show at all.
    I have deleted and reinstalled it a few times and the same issue comes up.
    I know it is not a setting issue because I have switched to other templates
    and they show the item price.

    This specific template is the one I like since it will be perfect for my theme.
    I have not done any changes to it yet hoping to get this corrected.

    My home page:
    Welcome to PCPARTSETC.COM

    As you can see under the title it says add to cart but it should show the price then add to cart.

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    From what I see, as an example, the "Your Price: $7.99" has a font color of white, so it is somewhat hidden from view. Change the color to a dark tint to stand out, and the prices will show!


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      Thanks, I never thought of that.

      You are awesome.

      I will go ahead and make those changes.

      Thanks again.


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        You were correct.

        That was the issue and a very easy fix.



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          No problem! Glad you got it fixed. Don't you just wish ALL problems were easy to fix!!! LOL