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Options Dropdown Not Changing Price on Product View Page

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  • Options Dropdown Not Changing Price on Product View Page

    Hey, all.

    I've been working on redesigning the product view page for our website (using divs and css), but hit a few minor problems.

    Originally, when you choose an option that would increase the price of the item, the price would change right there on the product page. Since redesigning, however, it isn't doing it anymore.

    Is there any documentation on the codeblocks (other than It's frustrating not knowing what each of these things do, especially when something like this happens.

    For reference, here's a webpage with options that should increase the price: Testline Test AED Test Package

    Thanks all for the help.

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    humm.. it looks like you might of left out some javascrip.
    I looked at your source and it looks like you have the right scripts.
    I think you might of deleted some id's ( <div id="idname"> )
    The scripts use the ID and without them your site wont work right.

    Try looking over the old template, I'm sure you left out an ID.
    - Peace