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  • Your Logged in as....

    Anybody else started seeing a new feature show up when logged in as a customer?

    very top of the screen
    "You're currently logged in as: xxxx View Customer | Logout"

    any way to get rid of this?

    I have custom templates so I don't see where it would have changed except on the server side asp file.

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    Have't seen this yet. For some reason i suspect it is tied to the facebook login plugin. Do you use that?


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      Yes! I thought maybe it might be tied in with the Admin Design Bar, but I tried disabling that in my permissions but the logged-in message remained.

      It does go away when I log out of my admin. It does not appear to be connected or visible to customer log-in status.


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        confirmed it is part of the new set of upgrades/features...if you don't see it you will.

        still looking for a way to disable it......


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          You're right, this is a new addition to prevent administrators from placing orders for incorrect customers when working on the site.

          Keep in mind the following,

          - Only shows for the administrator and not for the clients.

          - Click the Logout link and it goes away.

          Jimmy Rodriguez


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            Class or ID maybe?

            Can't you just add class or ID to this bar?