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who can make me a custom design?

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  • who can make me a custom design?

    Welcome to Point-Blank Automotive - Performance Automotive Parts & Accessories

    can anybody point me in the right direction for getting a custom design done? i dont want to spend a fortune, but my own skills and time is limited and im willing to pay for something decent.

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    Site designer

    I used Veronica Jeans and she's awesome and relatively cheap. If you take a look at my site, believe it or not, it started out at the yoga online premium template, but we completely revised it. She's easy to work with, everything was done over the internet between us, and she's always there for follow up.

    You can reach her at: [email protected]

    She's also started weekly brainstorming meetings for her clients where we have presenters each week talking about something new....facebook, SEO, google analytics, pinterest, etc.

    My site's at if you want to take a lookie. Not sure yet if I put it in my signature or not.

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      thanks heaps... i will email her now.